Tales Of Adultery & Infatuation: A Collection Of Short Stories

Tales Of Adultery & Infatuation: A Collection Of Short Stories



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Sam Anthony

Fiction, Contemporary, Humor Fiction, Psychological

April 2, 2020

Short Description

Thirty-eight cautionary tales to make you think twice before cheating!


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From the author of The Adulterer Series, Tales Of Adultery & Infatuation is a collection of short stories with a jaw-dropping twist in the tail.

Don't miss this gripping anthology about the unforeseen consequences of infidelity!

Neighbourhood Watch: More is going on in the neighbourhood than you think!

Sexual Harassment: There's a sex pest in the office.

Suicide?: Welcome to ChatPal. What would you like to chat about this evening?

It's Stuck: Be careful with your sex toys!

One Night Stand: Dear Diary. What a night! Went to a club in town and met the most gorgeous guy.

Badminton Club: What really goes on in sports halls up and down the land.

Is That It?: A woman craves more excitement in her love life.

No: What do you mean, no? I mean: I don't want to have sex ever again.

Special Birthday: What memorable gift should you get for your spouse?

Cheater?: Good morning. This is Cheater. We test your partner's faithfulness on your behalf.

Brogues: A liberated woman lives a secret life.

And many more ...

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Sam Anthony

Sam Anthony

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