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Dale O. Cloninger

Fiction, Historical

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Thirty-seven-year-old WWII vet turned high school choir teacher has a romantic relationship with seventeen-year-old student that does not end well.



Alec Driver, a WWII veteran, uses the GI bill to earn an advanced degree in music from a prestigious university. At age thirty-seven, with glowing recommendations in hand, he secures the post of choir teacher at a small-town high school on Florida’s west coast. Soon after assuming his duties, he falls in love with Tracy Ashbury a bright, talented, and attractive student in his choir. Community outrage aroused by his courtship culminates in a resentful and belligerent student goading Alec into striking him. Influential citizens rescue Alec from potential dismissal. His subsequent marriage to Tracy and national recognition for the choir’s mastery vindicates Alec’s supporters or so it seems . . .

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Dale O. Cloninger

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