Legendary Boy Hero of Japan




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Blue Spruell

Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Mythological, Paranormal and Supernatural, Teen and Young Adult

December 16, 2020

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Lost in the mists of Mount Fuji . . . But no one can escape destiny. . . .


Tarō is the heroic tale of Japan’s legendary boy samurai, an historical fantasy adventure filled with samurai swords, martial arts, and mythical creatures from old Japan.


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The year is 1596, when samurai warlords fight for control of the Imperial throne. Tarō does not want to be a samurai like his father, but fate takes a hand when a witch enchants the boy. Gaining supernatural powers, and befriending the magical forest animals of Mount Fuji, Tarō saves a powerful warlord’s life and discovers his destiny—as he hurdles headlong into the total war for ultimate control of Japan.

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Blue Spruell

Blue Spruell

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