Sorting out Charlie

Sorting out Charlie


Liam Robert Mullen


Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

September 12, 2017

Short Description

A troubled Irish youth is sent to India for a year of schoolin.


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Charlie Evans is a troubled teenager living in Gorey, Co Wexford.

When he falls foul of the law, his parents take radical action and pack him off to India for a year's schooling. At first, he rebels against this treatment.

Removed from his comfort zone, he continues getting into trouble. Slowly however, he settles into his new way of life in India. He befriends a boy of his own age, who introduces him to the world of cricket, and he falls for Sharu, his new friend's sister.

As soon as he lands under the hot sun of India, Charlie continues to rebel. He rebels against the stringent rules of Sir Winston’s and crashes the car of his host. Charlie is forced to buckle down or face expulsion from school or an expulsion from India altogether.

Slowly though, his perspective changes, and positive changes are brought about by his new surroundings, his new friends, and a new love.

Ultimately this YA story is about a co

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Liam Robert Mullen

Liam Robert Mullen

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