Someone Close to Home

Things aren't always what they seem



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Alex Craigie

Fiction, Contemporary, Psychological, Suspense, Women, Romance, Thriller

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Talented pianist Megan Youngblood has it all – fame, fortune and Gideon.

But Gideon isn’t good enough for Megan’s ambitious, manipulative mother, whose meddling has devastating repercussions for Megan and for those close to her.

Now, trapped inside her own body, she is unable to communicate her needs or fears as she faces institutional neglect in an inadequate care home.

And she faces Annie. Sadistic Annie who has reason to hate her. Damaged Annie who shouldn’t work with vulnerable people.

Just how far will Annie go?


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What happens when the people we trust to protect and care for us let us down?

Megan, a talented pianist, meets the love of her life in Gideon.

But Megan’s domineering and ambitious mother distorts the truth for her own ends, trapping her daughter in a web of deceit that threatens her happiness and, ultimately, her life.

The greatest damage of all comes when Megan goes into a care home where her current inability to move or talk leaves her helpless against routine institutional neglect and the terrifying abuse inflicted on her by the one person who has most reason to hate her.

This is a story of choices made based on distorted perceptions.

This is a story of love and hate, of despair and hope, of revenge and redemption.

It’s a story that will resonate with anyone who is aware of the appalling shortcomings of our care system and the indignities, discomfort and horror experienced by some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

The great majority of the staff in care homes are poorly-paid, overworked angels. A few others shouldn’t be there at all. Tragically, some of the maltreatment depicted here, intentional and unintentional, is already commonplace…

This story also serves as a warning of what might be awaiting any one of us in the future.

This is ultimately a love story.

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