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O Persaud


Nonfiction, Philosophy, Humor, Political

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April 11, 2019

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I'd propose that it'd be nice to be a rose; to bask in the sun and act giddy, but sometimes you need to be a weed, cause life ain't always pretty!!! Please enjoy this award winning poetry exploring ideals in racial identity, spirituality, philosophy, even punctuation!!! There is also an uncensored version with a bonus chapter if you're interested.


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black and white drinking fountains




or so the label would suggest

and as i watch

where the waters crest


a clearness

flows through me


you see

i really understood

what these markers meant



is not dark nor dense

a reflection of my murky tint


a constant projection

of the contraptions they invent

in an attempt

to convince

the masses

that we are

of separate classes



you drink from a different spring

called white


but don’t you know

that these fountains flow

from the same pipes


which exposes the truth in life

that is always protected

through structural designs

and misleading signs

that disguise this point

for the neglected


wake up America




is always



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O Persaud

O Persaud

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