A Story of Betrayal and Courage



Fiction, Contemporary, Medical, Romance, Teen and Young Adult, Women

Publish Date

October 29, 2021

Short Description

Courage put Libby Brown into the final selection for the Olympics, but betrayal crushed her spine and her chance at the Gold. Now she has two choices, use her courage to put her life back together, or remain shattered forever.


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Libby's nineteen and the top contender for a spot on the U.S. Olympic slalom team. With only one more day before the final tryouts, she takes a practice run down her favorite slope, and her life is changed forever. Someone runs into her, she's thrown onto a lightly snow-covered rock, and when she wakes in the hospital, she has no feeling in her legs.


Terrible accident, they say, but was it? As Libby tries to recall what she saw that day, she slowly begins to feel that her "accident" was planned. As she struggles to adapt to a different way of living, she grows increasingly certain that to put her life back together, she must know who was responsible.

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