Seeking the American Dream

Book 1 of the American Dream Series

Seeking the American Dream



Publish Date

Heidi M. Thomas

Historical, Women, Fiction

July 10, 2017

Short Description

An immigrant’s tale: from post WWII Germany to rural Montana. Harsh life and prejudice threaten Anna’s American dream.


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Book 1 of the American Dream series by the award-winning author of the “Cowgirl Dreams” trilogy and Cowgirl Up: A History of Rodeo Women. Anna meets Montana GI Neil Moser in Germany after WWII ends. Love blossoms, but Neil is shipped home. He writes to ask her to marry him. After endless paperwork over two years, Anna courageously faces a new world, prejudice, and harsh climate. Will she be able to overcome the obstacles of this new life to realize her dream? 

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Heidi M. Thomas

Heidi M. Thomas

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