Searching For Closure

Fantasy Romance

Searching For Closure



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Iona Morrison

Fantasy, Romance, Suspense, Fiction

February 4, 2021

Short Description

When it comes to murder maybe karma is rea./



An Arizona heatwave, a murder, and a ghost searching for closure give Peyton Reynolds all she can handle on her long-awaited vacation. When a body is found at the bottom of the pool of the resort she's staying at, Peyton leaps into action, starting CPR. She stops when she sees the young man's ghost watching her actions. And he's not alone. Detective Jaxon Kincaid knows that Peyton is hiding something. How did she know the caliber of the weapon which killed the victim? And why is she so nervous and combative when she talks to him? He's fascinated, but wary of this beautiful redhead. As their attraction grows, and as Peyton inserts herself into his case, can he protect her from someone who seems to want them both dead?

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Iona Morrison

Iona Morrison

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