Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Dorrit's Diner


Peggy Jaeger


Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Women

Publish Date

June 7, 2021

Short Description



It’s Christmas Eve morning in the tiny New England town of Dickens. Santa’s arrival is imminent, and a hint of snow is in the air.Amy Dorrit is just about to open her popular diner for the breakfast rush when she discovers an abandoned baby on her back doorstep.Amy knows she should call the authorities and turn the infant over to them, but she just can’t. Thoughts of her own abandonment as a baby flood through her and she wants to keep the little one out of the hands of the authorities until the mother – hopefully –returns.But will the mom come back? And if she doesn’t, what is Amy prepared to do about the baby who has, already, claimed her heart?

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Peggy Jaeger

Peggy Jaeger

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