Sandusky Burning

A Crime Thriller

Sandusky Burning



Publish Date

Bryan W. Conway

Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Psychological

December 12, 2020

Short Description

Brady Sullivan’s summer just went from bad to deadly.



Life has been anything but easy for veteran Brady Sullivan this summer. Marital difficulties pushed him out of his house and set him on a collision course with a powerful crime syndicate in the area.

Alone for the season at a Sandusky campground, Brady runs afoul of aspiring crime lord Randy Gorey.  Gorey runs the underground in Ohio’s largest tourist area, providing illicit services to those in need. It is a dark secret giving him unprecedented power.

Trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, Brady is in for the most harrowing experience of his life. Survival is anything but assured. It will take every ounce of knowledge and cunning, and the help of an unexpected ally, for Brady to have a shot at turning the tables and reclaiming his life.

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Bryan W. Conway

Bryan W. Conway

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