SUPERFLUOUS: Erotic Suspense (Rosa's Confessions Book 1)

SUPERFLUOUS: Erotic Suspense (Rosa's Confessions Book 1)


Ken Ross


Erotic, Contemporary, Romance, Fiction

Publish Date

November 1, 2020

Short Description

Book 1 of Rosa's Confessions in which she describes what happens in her life after her partner strays. PARTIAL ABSOLUTION and HAPPINESS REGAINED are books 2 & 3.


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Rosa Saint John narrates the story of her transformation from a devoted partner to a liberated woman who yearns to discover new sexual experiences. When her man strays, she too looks elsewhere and discovers a world of thrills is waiting. There are scenes of debauchery, lots of romance and love, and complications with family relationships. Rosa soars to the highest point of her life but whether she finds true happiness, she isn't quite sure.

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Ken Ross

Ken Ross

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