Red Steel

#5 The Leeward Files

Red Steel



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Sherri Lupton Hollister

Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

February 24, 2020

Short Description

Arson isn't the only thing heating up the town of Leeward. When firefighter, Billy Grimes and reporter, Tracy Harrell join forces to stop a vigilante, sparks ignite.


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Phil Archer wants the sex traffickers who bought him as a child, stopped. He will destroy anything or anyone who gets in his way. If only they understood he was just trying to save them all from a demon worst than himself, but they don't. In order to catch a monster, you have to be a monster.

The town of Leeward may not survive when the shocking truths are revealed.

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Sherri Lupton Hollister

Sherri Lupton Hollister

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