Raven: The Call From Central

Raven:  The Call From Central



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Stephen E. J. Tomporowski

Fiction, Science Fiction

October 15, 2017

Short Description

The future of sport is a massive immersive video game that plays to stadium sized audiences. Into this league of 100 teams competing in various sorts of virtual killing come Raven from the distant planet Necris to 'try-out' for her favorite team, Iskandar.


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The future sport is Deathmatch, played in simulation in front of tens of thousands in person and billions via three dimensional video. Raven has trained all her life for the opportunity. What happens next is an amazing dominance of the most diverse team on all of Central. From team combat with hand weapons on snowfields to tanks and heavy weapons assaulting fortresses, Iskandar Prime dominates all the competition in these massive simulations. As if the skill and tactics on the field are not enough, the intrigue between organizations off the field create player controversies, personal conflict and outright cheating.

Raven, a young Necris girl, steps into this world with her dream of joining Iskandar and competing against species with tentacles, tails and wings…and humans. She takes her chances on one test and what happens is beyond her imagination.

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Stephen E. J. Tomporowski

Stephen E. J. Tomporowski

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