Ragnarok Unwound

Ragnarok Unwound


Kristin Jacques


Fantasy, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

October 7, 2020

Short Description

When you've inherited the ability to unwind the threads of fate, dealing with the gods is a real pain in the ass. Especially when you are still a lowly mortal.



Prophecies don't untangle themselves.

Just ask Ikepela Ives, whose estranged mother left her with the power to unravel the binding threads of fate. Stuck with immortal power in a mortal body, Ives has turned her back on the duty she never wanted.

But it turns out she can’t run from her fate forever, not now that Ragnarok has been set in motion and the god at the center of that tangled mess has gone missing. With a ragtag group of companions—including a brownie, a Valkyrie, and the goddess of death herself—Ives embarks on her first official mission as Fate Cipher—to save the world from doomsday.

Nothing she can't handle. Right?

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Kristin Jacques

Kristin Jacques

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