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Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct

Hear Her Song


Minerva Hart


Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Urban, Drama, Fantasy

Publish Date

April 28, 2022

Short Description

A bizarre encounter empowers a young man to confront the dystopian world he lives in; a world devastated by floods and where the tyrannical upper class enslaves the masses.


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Dr. Martin Molloy was a transit. He had witnessed the government sell off American states part by part and seen millions drown when floods had devastated the planet. A new hierarchical system had been established which had left the people in the clutches of the elite. Molloy’s son, Freddie, had been born after the devastation had begun. Now, in the year 2099, Freddie feels disillusioned and angry at having to live under the control of the rich. His life changes when he encounters an entrancing mermaid.


Primal Instinct is a creative and outstanding urban fantasy novel with a riveting storyline, original, well developed and interesting characters and an ending that will satisfy and have you begging for more.

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Minerva Hart

Minerva Hart


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