Please Pass the Memories

Please Pass the Memories



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Darla Noble

Nonfiction, Family and Relationships, Self-Help, How To

August 20, 2019

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Every single page of this book is filled with ideas on how you can bring the generations of your family together. You will discover how food, photos, storytelling, games, and even traditions can give family members the sense of pride and belonging we all would life to have. You will even figure out how to turn all those family keepsakes into something you actually want to keep AND that family reunions are more than just cheek-pinching fests! Trust me--this book is as fun as it is informative.


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Bring the generations of your family--past, present, and future--together using family pictures, stories, recipes, traditions, keepsakes, and family and ethnic heritage. We all need to know who and where we come from. Knowing these things gives us a stronger sense of confidence, purpose, and direction. "Please Pass the Memory" helps make this happen in ways you and everyone else will enjoy and apprecciate for generations to come.

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Darla Noble

Darla Noble

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