Pieces of Forever

Pieces of Forever


H. D’Agostino


Romance, Contemporary, Fiction

Publish Date

July 18, 2018

Short Description

Second chance contemporary romance


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Does having everything you desire make your life perfect? Does having a perfect life mean you’re happy?
I had a perfect life once upon a time. It was the life I deemed myself deserving of. I had a wife, a child, a successful business. I was happy, but I was also blind.
I didn’t see my faults until it was too late. One moment changed it all. It changed me and cost me everything. Everything I thought I needed to find happiness disappeared, and nothing else mattered.
All that I need is to get a few of the pieces back. Pieces of my perfect forever are the only thing that can make me whole again.

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H. D’Agostino

H. D’Agostino

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