Our Heavenly Murders

Our Heavenly Murders


Philip Carlton Williams


Paranormal and Supernatural, Religious, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller, Fiction

Publish Date

September 7, 2021

Short Description

OUR HEAVENLY MURDERS is the story of a college history professor wracked with bouts of PTSD caused by the premature death of his parents and the suicide of his wife.


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A professor, wracked by PTSD due to the death of his parents and the suicide of his wife, encounters a former student who needs help purchasing a handgun. The student claims he just wants "to scare a sexual predator," but in truth the young man plans to commit murder. As events spin out of control, the professor starts to believe he is receiving messages from his deceased wife, who warns him to expect a near-death experience. Maybe the warnings are all in his head. Or maybe help really can come from Heaven.

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Philip Carlton Williams

Philip Carlton Williams

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