One More Kiss

One More Kiss

College Romance Novella


Tara September


Fiction, Contemporary, Teen and Young Adult, Humor Fiction

Publish Date

September 29, 2021

Short Description

My formerly annoying neighbor turned charming addiction. Who would have guessed?


Step one: Kiss him again. Just one more kiss.
Step two: Kiss someone else to compare.
Step three: Permanently close the door on Cal Chase.



April Harris has nothing in common with hunky track star Cal Chase except a shared dorm room wall and an inconvenient connecting door. Until one evening under the stars changes everything, even April’s previous ambivalence to making out. Determined to prove the stellar experience was a fluke, April goes on a kissing mission. Little does she know that Cal is equally set to prove that their out-of-this-world kiss was just their beginning.

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Tara September

Tara September

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