Old Baggage

Never too late for a new beginning

Old Baggage



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Toni Kief

Women, Fiction

March 6, 2016

Short Description

Elizabeth Donovan finally had enough and struck back. Pickles on the floor to more than a bus ride. Libby faces her secret and stumbles into a mystery that had haunted her life. Coming of age isn’t just for the young.


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It took most of her life, but Elizabeth Donovan has finally had enough. Years of a difficult marriage, she has finally fought back. She had no choice but to leave the life behind and face the secret from her youth. The old life doesn’t want to let go, as she stumbles into the mystery that involves her deeper than she ever could imagine. Old Baggage is the overdue coming of age for a woman learning to stand on her own.

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Toni Kief

Toni Kief

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