October Outlaw

October Outlaw


Debbi Migit


Fiction, Contemporary, Religious, Teen and Young Adult, Women, Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

December 1, 2021

Short Description

Two sisters. Two brothers. Two Outlaws. All headed for Justice.

Jess Thomas is being tracked by two outlaws–one is a man, and one is a beast.

When Jess uncovers new evidence concerning their parents’ deaths, the Thomas sisters gain the attention of a very dangerous man. And when a cougar terrorizes Justice, Montana, Jess risks her life to save those she loves.

Cole McBride respects Jess’s courage, but he fears someday she will take one risk too many.

Sly Thomas is adjusting to her new responsibilities as guardian of her two sisters. But just as she begins to hope for the future, her blossoming relationship with Deputy Nick McBride is threatened.


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Debbi Migit

Debbi Migit

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