Oceans Ending

Oceans Ending



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Beth McCue

Fiction, Science Fiction

December 15, 2016

Short Description

Surf's up, and it's coming for you!

Take a deep breath and dive into this fast-paced tale of genetic engineering gone wrong. In the style of Blake Crouch, Michael Crichton and Mary Shelley's classic, this cautionary tale will make you think twice before taking your next dive into the ocean.


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Uncovering dark family sins will lead a young woman on a perilous journey. Shocking secrets regarding her own origins take her deep into the murky waters of hidden affairs and twisted relationships. Then, into the center of her already tumultuous existence, an old, but never forgotten love, returns.

Join Dana as she struggles to rescue herself from the tendrils of the past wrapping around her, pulling her down into the depths. Will she save herself in time to save the world?

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Beth McCue

Beth McCue

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