Mystic Prince

Mystic Prince


M. A. Richter


Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Romance, Fiction

Publish Date

June 14, 2021

Short Description

The best new award-winning fantasy adventure epic novel you have yet to read.


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Prince Khael Stratton returns from a mission for the King to find the small northern state he rules in a condition of unrest. Now he must regain his signet ring from the lovely young street urchin who stole it and return home to restore peace and justice to his homeland before destruction ensues.


In the process and along with Khael's best friend, the three travelers learn more about each other and themselves, find friendship and powerful alliances, face challenging adversaries and monsters, and learn to work together even at high risk of life and limb.


Winner of the Firebird Book Awards for Best Epic and Best New Fiction First-published! Check it out for yourself and enjoy.

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M. A. Richter

M. A. Richter

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