Move over Shakespeare Tales from the Baron

Move over Shakespeare Tales from the Baron


Billy J. Barnum


Fiction, Poetry

Publish Date

September 23, 2019

Short Description

In this collection behold the most masterful poetry the world has ever been presented. For a poet and his art to be compared to the great William Shakespeare is beyond belief.



Thus I thrust onto you the task of reading this poetry with high expectations to be enthralled, amazed, and wowed at what you are about to read. If you are transported by some of the poetry for not be afraid you will be safely returned to where you started when the poem is through. It is with high honor I bequeath to you this book of knowledge and wonderment written by a direct descendant of the famous Phineas Taylor Barnum "The greatest Showman on Earth!".

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Billy J. Barnum

Billy J. Barnum

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