What would alien interaction really be like


Clayton Graham


Fiction, Science Fiction

Publish Date

January 2, 2016

Short Description

First Contact is imminent, but it comes with conditions…



First Contact strikes out of the blue, and a series of incredible events unfold…

When aliens take Laura’s teenage beloved son, a terrifying new future threatens to tear her world apart. Why have they taken him and what do they want from her?

Caught between alien intrigue and Earth’s military aggression, Laura becomes entrenched in a war of attrition that leads to the unthinkable. Challenged to breaking point, this down-to-earth mother battles for the survival of her son and several other humans who are unwittingly being used as pawns in a breathtaking scheme for cosmic exploration and future survival.

The capabilities of the alien creatures are shocking! But bonds are formed. Alliances are questioned. Ethics are challenged. And nobody is left unaffected.

Witness the most engaging alien invasion ever. Milijun is the exciting first novel of a stunning Science Fiction mystery. If you like tales of first contact, secret military operations, and the people caught in the middle, then you'll love this breathtaking new series.

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Clayton Graham

Clayton Graham

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