Mildred in Disguise: With Diamonds

Mildred in Disguise: With Diamonds

Book #1 in the Mildred Unchained Series


Toni Kief


Fiction , Women, Police / Detective, Crime

Publish Date

March 28, 2017

Short Description

Mildred was widowed, broke and had to find work at the age of 71. Luckily the Ivory Winds Casino needed help – in security and she was the perfect choice.


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Mildred expected a comfortable retirement. But when her husband died, his secrets changed everything.

Now, sitting in the casino’s human resources department, she doesn’t have the luxury of being gracefully old and settled. She takes the job they offer – the gambling palace’s undercover cop.

Drug deals, armed robbery and a possible mole catapult her into excitement, danger and disguise. A thrilling read in sensible shoes.

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Toni Kief

Toni Kief

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