(Technicolor Love Book # 3)


Violet Elizabeth Moon


Fiction, Erotic

Publish Date

October 10, 2020

Short Description

"Hot, hopeful, and humorous!"--Elizabeth Williams, GoodReads, 5 star ARC review



Madison Lee has always been the resilient type. With an absent father and a mother who goes through marriages the way most people go through wine tasting, she's had to be. So when she finally finds the love of her life and he vanishes, she has no choice but to get through this too.

Except Gabriel Delacroix comes back, and he comes back better than ever: he's a vampire.

Madison has loved and believed in the supernatural since she was a child, so the return of her lover and the hypnotically enchanting world he now belongs to is delightful. There's only one problem: Gabriel has the choice to age with her, or gain immortality, and he doesn't have a lot of time left to decide...

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Violet Elizabeth Moon

Violet Elizabeth Moon

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