Malicious Deception

Malicious Deception

Can she stop a billionaire psychopath?


W. Michael Hewitt


Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller

Publish Date

April 10, 2022

Short Description

What if you found a memo warning that thousands of people would be killed, and powerful forces are determined to stop you from revealing it? 21-year-old Dr. Essie Openwaters’ world is turned upside down in a deadly struggle to prevent a catastrophe while fighting trained assassins, corrupt public officials, and a psychopathic billionaire.


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Wanting only to be a respected scientist and forget the hatred, bigotry, and poverty that dominated her youth, Dr. Essie Openwaters finds herself targeted by a powerful psychopathic murderer as she struggles to protect the Pacific Northwest from a devastating explosion and overcome inner childhood demons that threaten her career. Malicious Deception is a mystery techno thriller that pits a 21-year-old Native American woman against trained assassins and corrupt federal officials as she races to protect the area where she lives from a catastrophic calamity in a system manipulated by intransigent bureaucrats. Malicious Deception is the first in a series of Essie Openwaters mystery techno thrillers.

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W. Michael Hewitt

W. Michael Hewitt

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