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Maid For Success

Maid For Success

Surprise Pregnancy Book 1 The MacBains


Nan Dixon


Contemporary, Romance

Publish Date

April 25, 2022

Short Description

A career-focused executive falls for a creatively-blocked composer. She wants a few fun-filled nights. He wants forever.


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Career versus kids? She wants the career.
Kate MacBain, dubbed “the woman who will never have children,” is focused on her future. Despite her three brothers, she plans to be her father’s successor in the family company. She’ll do whatever her parents ask, but cleaning houses in the Murphy’s Maids subsidiary? That’s a punishment not a reward.
Composer Alex Adamski’s creative well is dust dry. Since his divorce, he hasn’t been able to finish his overdue sonata. Then a fiery housecleaner named Kate tells him he’s a slob and jars him out of his slump.
Their chemistry is off the charts, but while Alex is thinking family and forever, Kate rejects anything that might derail her climb to the top.
Can he convince her there’s more to life than being CEO?

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Nan Dixon

Nan Dixon

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