Letter from a Dead Man

A Jessica Minton Mystery

Letter from a Dead Man



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Sharon Healy-Yang

Fiction, Women, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

October 5, 2017

Short Description

Secret identities, stolen jade, and murder put Jessica Minton under the gun!


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Spring 1945: though WWII is crashing to a close, Jessica and Elizabeth Minton’s hopes for the future are short-lived as they become entrapped in a noir world of intrigue and murder. Jessica’s beloved is missing in action in Europe, so she’s on her own to save herself and those she cares about from a dark past entangling them with false identities, jewel theft, betrayal, and murder. Finding truth and justice grows even more difficult as Jess and Liz must contend with a predatory femme fatale seeking stolen jade and revenge, two suspicious police detectives, and an F.B.I. man from Jessica’s past with secrets of his own.

Join Jessica and Liz as they must skate on the left side of the law to restore a friend’s family honor, save a loved one from a deadly frame, and still manage not to get themselves killed! It’s enough to make Dusty the cat’s fur stand on end!

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Sharon Healy-Yang

Sharon Healy-Yang

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