Lake of Flowers

Lake of Flowers

Book 5 of The Lord Hani Mysteries


N.L. Holmes


Fiction, Historical, Mystery, Political thriller

Publish Date

June 29, 2021

Short Description

Hani must investigate a series of strange thefts at pharaoh's palace--only to find they may be something more sinister.



Hani is set to investigate thefts from the king’s household that turn out to be related to a more sinister attempt on the king’s life. Meanwhile, witnesses to the crown prince’s dodgy birth begin to die, and Hani fears for his daughter and her friend, who were also present. More secrets emerge about the prince’s identity, and Hani finds himself caught between the government and the radical revolutionaries who want to restore Amun-Ra by civil war, among them the queen, whom Hani has sworn to serve. Can Hani reconcile his desire for peace with his devotion to the King of the Gods?

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N.L. Holmes

N.L. Holmes

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