Keep on Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea

Keep on Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea

A journey in space, time and the human mind


Elizabeth Rakoczy



Publish Date

November 4, 2018

Short Description

"For all those with interest in Ancient Greece: sailors or not, or even if without any inkling in history of the Hellenes: this book is a must" Book review - Cruising Helmsman





Author Elizabeth Rakoczy and her husband sail to exotic Greek islands to investigate the lasting influence of Ancient Greece. Stories from ancient, medieval and modern times are enlivened by sailing adventures helped along with a large number of citations, maps and photos. The images in the book are breath-taking, to say the least.

It provides wonderful anecdotes on today's Greece with valuable tips and insights into navigating and negotiating your way around Aegean ports. For this alone it is worth the read. But Elizabeth Rakoczy has achieved much more than this. She has brought Greek history forward into today's world and how that history has influenced and is influencing this world of today.

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Elizabeth Rakoczy

Elizabeth Rakoczy

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