Journey to the past

Journey to the past



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Esteban Corio

Science Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fantasy

January 17, 2021

Short Description

A novel that turns genuine historic research into a plot of crime and salvation.


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Time travel is often an irresistible magnet for science fiction novelists and not to mention for Hollywood movie scripts writers. In this novel, the concept of time travel is employed in abundance, although with very specific limitations that the reader will be able to know as soon as turning the first pages.
Of course, if there is the possibility of time travel at will and being free to intervene in the destination, the Universe would become somewhat ungovernable but, think for a moment ... how good would it be, right? Go back and avoid so many things or provoke others ...
In this novel, you will be able to know what happens when one wants to change the past without measuring the consequences for the future.

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Esteban Corio

Esteban Corio

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