Jesus and Zinnias Make Me Smile

Jesus and Zinnias Make Me Smile



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Darla Noble

Nonfiction, Family and Relationships, Philosophy, Crafts / Hobbies, Self-Help, Body / Mind and Spirit

July 17, 2021

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A collection of memories from garden's past that teach us life lessons about friendship, embracing our unique self, knowing what matters most in life, patience, perseverence, and so much more. By the time you turn the last page your perspective of God's creative genius will be forever changed.


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What do watermelon, seed catalogs, petunias, green beans, zinnias, and dandelions have in common? The ability to teach life lessons in a way you never would have imagined, that's what! "Jesus and Zinnias Make Me Smile" is a collection of memories from gardens past, the people whose love, generosity, and mentoring inspired me to put my God-given green thumbs in the dirt, and the life lessons God saw fit to teach me in the midst of his creative genius. Smiling, laughing, sighing, and crying--you will experience them all as you get to know yourself and God better.

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Darla Noble

Darla Noble

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