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Jars of Hearts

Jars of Hearts


James H. Morris


Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Publish Date

August 5, 2021

Short Description

When the same M.O. is found to be used on new murders in San Francisco, two detectives must uncover the truth about who is doing the killing. When the truth is discovered, it unleashes an investigation that goes deep into the history of the police department's homicide division.

Follow detectives Mike Greenhill and Steve Triggs as they investigate the horrendous serial killings to find the true killer of the city.


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Two detectives must find the reason a serial killer from a decade ago may be returning to kill again. But during their investigations, it is discovered there is more to the story than just the killer from the past decade. It goes deep into the extortion practices of a mob boss for the city and the corruption of the police department.

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James H. Morris

James H. Morris

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