Bruno Martins Soares


Horror, Psychological, Thriller, Drama, Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Science Fiction, Suspense

Publish Date

April 9, 2022

Short Description

Does Love Make You Crazy or Incredibly Sane? Matt Taylor thought he knew the answer.


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Strange things begin to happen to Matt, a recent widower: his 9-year-old son seems to develop supernatural powers, apparitions of his dead wife become frequent, and he is being followed by a suspicious man. When his son is kidnapped, he dives into a spiral of unexplained events. He’ll have to do the unimaginable to save his family.

In this new novel, award-winning author Bruno Martins Soares dives into the psychological thriller/horror genre to give us a riveting tale of suspense, surprising twists, and impossible choices.

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Bruno Martins Soares

Bruno Martins Soares

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