Icarus Falling

Icarus Falling

They Didn't Come in Peace


N. D. Melander


Fiction, Science Fiction

Publish Date

September 8, 2010

Short Description

A secret US government agency plans to do more than wait for UFO wreckage. They want to shoot down a ship to discover its secrets. The aliens won’t fall without a fight.


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David Hendricks is a former U.S. military officer trained to reverse engineer foreign technology.

During a private consulting job, he is recruited by a covert operations unit specializing in recovery of alien spacecraft. They plan to bring down a UFO using a little ingenuity and lots of luck.

Cory, an abductee who seeks revenge for all the years of kidnapping and insane torture, is used to lure in the aliens.

Colonel MacKay, the mission commander, is an overachieving hard-nosed military expert who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Dr. Sheila Brannan, a psychologist who specializes in terrorist organizations, uses paranormal mind games to make contact.

For the laid back pragmatist Hendricks, getting along with his colleagues is the first step to survival against an alien culture fighting to keep secrets.

Success could bring the greatest discovery or the worst disaster.

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N. D. Melander

N. D. Melander

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