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Hustle Smart, The Ultimate Guide For New Entreprenuers

Hustle Smart, The Ultimate Guide For New Entreprenuers


Julie Lokun


Nonfiction, Business / Economics, Guide, Self-Help, Education

Publish Date

February 23, 2021

Short Description

Have you always dreamt of quitting your 9-5 because you have a great idea or service you would like to turn into a thriving business? Learn how to create a thriving entrepreneurial mindset, branding, and marketing for your business. Julie Lokun, JD and master coach teaches you all the tips and tools to



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Do you have a brilliant idea and want to turn it into a thriving business? This is a power-packed guide that will teach you how to Hustle Smart. This is an invaluable resource for up-and-coming Hustle Smart Entrepreneurs. What is an HSE? He/She is a visionary that leads with a mission. The HSE takes chances, seizes opportunities, and is a lifelong learner. The HSE does not quit their day job to launch their new business. The HSE will strategically hustle while maintaining a consistent flow of income. The HSE squashes inner doubt and laughs at the imposter syndrome. The HSE is unabashedly authentic and navigates their business with integrity. The HSE is resilient and learns from the fumbles along the way. And the HSE has an intrinsic intelligence and hustles the smart way. Julie Lokun, JD, is a master certified career coach who helps clients from around the world launch thriving businesses.

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Julie Lokun

Julie Lokun

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