Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon



Fantasy, Paranormal and Supernatural, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

January 2, 2020

Short Description

College was hard enough before Melanie was bitten by a werewolf. Now she doesn't know whom to trust.


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One bite on her hand, and Mel has a million problems slipping through her fingers.


After a wild animal attack, Melanie Caldwell ends up sick and disoriented. She and her friends think she just needs to go to the doctor. Then she’s kidnapped on the day of the next full moon, and discovers in the worst way that monsters are real . . . and that she has become one of them.

All Melanie wanted was to get a boyfriend and graduate college. Now she has to somehow deal with agonizing monthly transformations, a secret organization stalking her, friends and enemies trying to discover her secret, and hunters looming on the horizon.

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