Holiday with a Royal

Holiday with a Royal


Carolyn Rae (Williamson)


Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

October 16, 2021

Short Description

Librarian Kelly Chandler, who wants to travel and become a travel writer, is stranded in Tenerife. Surprised when a tall, handsome man offers to stop the plane so she can fly to Paris, she enjoys traveling to Paris and other places with this soccer star, who's also a prince.


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Librarian Kelly Chandler, enjoys traveling and wants to become a travel writer. When she's stranded in Tenerife, soccer star, Prince Mario of the Cordillera Royals, makes the plane wait for her, so she can fly to Paris. She enjoys traveling with him until his plane crashes in the mountains, and they have to cuddle in a cave to keep warm.

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Carolyn Rae (Williamson)

Carolyn Rae (Williamson)

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