HIGH: Confessions of a Cannabis Addict

HIGH: Confessions of a Cannabis Addict

A Memoir


Leonard Lee Buschel


Nonfiction, Biography / Memoir, Humor, Self-Help

Publish Date

October 28, 2021

Short Description

HIGH: Confessions of a Cannabis Addict is vastly entertaining and incredibly honest—a captivating memoir of addiction and the lighter side of recovery.


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Suppose National Lampoon published a hysterically funny and mildly offensive parody of recovery memoirs, it couldn’t be as funny and mildly offensive as this autobiography of Leonard Lee Buschel, co-founder of Writers in Treatment, producers of the internationally acclaimed Reel Recovery Film Festivals, the Experience Strength and Hope Awards, and publishers of the Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin.


HIGH is far more than a vastly entertaining recovery memoir. It is an open emotional summons, a sincere invitation to a life lived awake and alert, a life vibrating at a higher frequency of increased creativity and joy, and if you so desire, social inclusion, fun, fellowship, and plenty of free coffee.

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