Some Genies are Better Than Others




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Jeffrey Hough

Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Urban, Paranormal and Supernatural, Mythological

August 3, 2020

Short Description

Everyone wants a genie, but no one stops to consider what it's like to be one. Unfortunately, that's the exact situation David Jinn faces.


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If David Jinn could have any wish in the world, he would wish to not be a genie. From the moment that cruel woman, Jinn, woke his powers, his life has been a nightmare. Between dodging fireballs and dealing with divine beings, he must somehow figure out how to use his new powers and accept what he's become. With no time to rest, he moves from catastrophe to catastrophe with only his girlfriend and pet demon for help, trying to stay one step ahead of enemies he never knew he had.

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Jeffrey Hough

Jeffrey Hough

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