Generation Ship

Generation Ship


Adam Carpenter


Fiction, Science Fiction, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

April 19, 2021

Short Description

The second book in the Space Freighter Tulyar series.


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In the follow-up to the thrilling MURDER PLANET, Sunita Kumar and the crew of Tulyar find themselves uncovering a deadly secret buried for five centuries.
On their way to Terra, Tulyar is assigned to make first contact with a ‘Generation Ship’, a long-lost colony vessel launched from humanity’s beleaguered home planet to settle a new world. But Rosa Parks is missing from the main database of those ships.
As the boarding party make their way over to meet people who have spent half a millennium in deep-freeze, they and the Terran Union government will discover just what the phrase “Berchtesgaden is rebuilt” unlocks in a dusty vault…
Not everyone will make it out alive.

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Adam Carpenter

Adam Carpenter

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