A man is not justified by the works of the law


Dr Andrew C S Koh


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May 24, 2021

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Christ-centered, life changing, Expository Commentary, Bible Study, and Daily Devotion based on Paul’s epistle to Galatians.

Readers who study, read, meditate, and apply the teachings of this book will gain a good foundational understanding on Paul’s epistle to the Galatians.






Archbishop Ng Moon Hing,

Anglican Archbishop of Southeast Asia

The Epistle to the Galatians is commonly considered as one of the earliest foundational instructions of Christian faith. It was believed that Apostle Paul wrote this epistle at the early days of his missionary ministry. He was adamant to teach proper foundation of faith, especially amid heretical teachings by the Judaizers. After some years of laying the foundation of faith in the district of Galatia, he quickly realized that many so-called believers are straying away from the fundamental belief i.e. Justification by Grace through Faith.

Apostle Paul was required to draw out all his convictions and learnings to re-convince the Galatian Christians what he has taught when he was first with them. He was conscious of the Judaizers and the fleshy and worldly syncretic teachings which were indoctrinating and causing confusion to the believers. He laid a strong contrast between the 'keeping of the law' and the 'faith in Christ' as two opposing ends. The lessons he has drawn from his wealth of Jewish learning which covered Abraham, Moses, the Mosaic Law, the Bondservant Hagar and Free women Sarah, the Legalistic son Ishmael and the Promised son Isaac has become his argumentative facts and presentations. This, I believe, is intended to quiet the opponents, the Judaizers, and to give confidence to the believers.

His emphasis on Grace alone, Faith alone and Christ alone brings home the fundamental anchorage of Christian faith where the author has drawn attention to the 16th century Reformers had again re-stressed and re-affirmed when the Faith was seen to have compromised. The author here today reasserted that a clear understanding and believe in the concept of 'Justification is by grace and through faith in Jesus Christ alone' is crucial and utmost essential for salvation.

Apostle Paul in all his words in this Book on Galatians can be summarized in these words,

"Without Christ, there is no salvation,

without Faith there is no justification,

without Grace there is no redemption."

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Dr Andrew C S Koh

Dr Andrew C S Koh

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