Fractured Storm

Storm Series Book 4

Fractured Storm



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A.R. Vagnetti

Romance, Paranormal and Supernatural, Erotic, Fantasy, Fiction

May 5, 2021

Short Description

An intensely erotic tale of a werewolf king's dark journey to discover inner strength, love, and trust through submission to rescue his female's unbalanced mind.




Tormented all her life by visions of past, present, and future, Viessa Bramen discovers refuge in the presence of the sexy werewolf king. Control over his body means the incessant voices bombarding her every waking moment vanish, freeing her mind. But her new job as Oracle to the immortal world forbids mating. Will Vi defy the gods to claim her one true mate, or will the Alpha male’s resistance to yielding force her mind back into chaos?

Burdened under the duties as king, Liam Scott finds release in women, booze, and music, until he comes face to face with his fated female. The potent Tri-Brid’s control issues and his beast’s powerful objections could destroy their newfound love and fracture her delicate mind?

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A.R. Vagnetti

A.R. Vagnetti

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