Forever More

Forever More

A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity


Michele DeLuca


Fiction, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance

Publish Date

March 20, 2016

Short Description

A skeptical school teacher falls in love with a charming dead guy who is channeled through the body of another man. The spirit introduces her to the wonders of the next life as the two fall in love. The problem is that man whose body the spirit must borrow, is falling in love with her too.


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Elementary school teacher, Rebecca St. Claire, sees the spirit of a recently deceased man in her chaotic classroom on the last day of school. She sees him briefly again in her living room that night as her marriage breaks apart.

Grief-stricken about her marriage, she returns to her childhood home, a Spiritualist community in Western New York called Lily Dale, where her deceased mother and grandmother were once renowned medium.

Rebecca is skeptical about life after death because if there was any truth to her mom's and grandmother's beliefs, they’d have returned to her somehow in spirit. Still, she is grieving and bored and seeks relief in a mediumship class.

One classmate is a widowed professor, Albert, who is hoping to learn how to contact his dead wife. Rebecca and Albert's connection inspires the return of the charming spirit, Sebastian, who is desperately seeking their help to save his granddaughter from an abuser. To do so, he asks the professor to channel his spirit, which allows Sebastian to return to physical form.

As the three work together to help Sebastian earn his redemption, both men fall in love with Rebecca, who feels a remarkable connection to each of them. The result is a love triangle that echoes through time and changes everything for each of them.

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Michele DeLuca

Michele DeLuca

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