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Forbidden at the Fazenda

Forbidden at the Fazenda


M.J. Marleigh


Romance, Historical, Fiction, Erotic, Women

Publish Date

March 17, 2021

Short Description

Follow Ivy's journey of being torn between family duty and the newfound seduction of a forbidden romance to the awakening of fulfillment as a young woman.

Fall in love with the vivid scenery of Ivy's Victorian era--where love and lust exist behind the closed doors of stately homes and in exotic places.



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Lady Evangeline "Ivy" Chandonette carries a secret fear of being close to any man. She's remained unmarried until her family estate begins to dwindle. Now, it's up to Ivy to save her father's legacy by accepting the hand of a long-time obsessive admirer, Allyn Marsden. Entering into a loveless marriage, Ivy will follow her husband to the Marsden coffee plantation in Brazil. After arriving in Rio de Janeiro she encounters the handsome dark-haired manservant, Tristão Fontes, whose bold temperament immediately clashes with her guarded exterior.

But, Tristão Fontes is not an ordinary servant.

The more time they spend alone, a yearning develops between them that cannot be suppressed. Theirs is a forbidden love, that if discovered, will shatter her family's legacy and disgrace her forever.


Excerpt: After a few moments, she was calm enough to survey the dimly lit corners where she noticed a wall with a wrought iron gate. The city lights and even the dark sea beyond were visible through its bars. Thoughts filled her mind as she examined it. What if she could somehow escape her situation?

'Leave Now!' said a voice from within as she paced near the fountain.

If she ran, perhaps she could make it back to the docks before the ship returned to England. There were bound to be hansom cabs nearby! Her purse had but a few coins, but she could bargain with the ship's captain. As a daughter of an earl, she could promise him an ample reward. She'd go into hiding and never set foot on Chetwynd Manor again. That alone would break her heart and infuriate her father. But the reality of giving her entire life to this man proved too much to bear. Perhaps if Allyn believed she'd been kidnapped, he'd relieve her family of any obligations.

But whatever the outcome, she'd have to run—now!

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M.J. Marleigh

M.J. Marleigh


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