Fire Blossom



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Fiction, Romance

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When rage and retaliation spiral out of control between the Texan settlers and Comanche in 1843, both worlds teach a young woman how to hate; one man shows her how to love.



Three days before their betrothal, Fire Blossom, a free-spirited Comanche princess, laughs when her beloved Lone Wolf tells her that she can never escape him.  She rides back to her camp deliriously happy only to discover a posse of settlers slaughtering her tribe.  She’s captured, beaten and left for dead at a remote farm.


Revenge is foremost on her mind when she awakens, but she can barely breathe let alone move and keeps a mistrusting eye on Colton, the Texas Ranger who rescued her, and his family as they nurse her back to health.


Colton hasn’t felt anything except revenge for two years and he’s anxious to resume his hunt for the warrior who killed his wife.  Yet, he’s distracted by the blue-eyed beauty healing in his bed who refuses to admit that she wasn’t born a Comanche.


As Fire Blossom’s terrifying memories unfurl and her heart is pulled farther away from Lone Wolf, neither she nor Colton are aware that the ruthless Comanche chief and his warriors are on a bloody rampage searching for her.

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