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Finding My Hemingway

Finding My Hemingway


Jeffrey Pipes Guice


Action and Adventure, Poetry, Drama, Historical, Military / War, Romance, Psychological, Suspense

Publish Date

August 15, 2023

Short Description

As I continue through my journey of self-discovery, I’ve decided to write this new book of short stories and poems, now my fifth in the series, called “Finding My Hemingway” to identify my literary voice while learning about the various sides of my personality and understand who I am and who I want to be as a writer, a friend, a father, and a normal human being.


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"Growing up in the internationally loved city of New Orleans, with all its delicious food, unique music, and its eccentric and sometimes backward culture, I realized early on that I wanted to get out and see the rest of the world."

- Jeffrey Pipes Guice

Jeffrey Pipes Guice worked for years in New Orleans, Washington D.C., and New York City but still found time to journey worldwide. He traversed Europe, Asia, and Africa and even found time to observe penguins in Antarctica. He also spent time visiting exciting cities like Jerusalem, Havana, Yemen, Argentina, and Phuket, all searching for purpose. The only place Guice never set out to discover was inside himself.

His fifth book, "Finding My Hemingway" is his journey through travel, literature, photography, and self-discovery.

Poetry and short stories are mixed into this collection of lyrical works, which express the excitement of his learning and insights gained from his lifetime of travel, adventure, and literature- sprinkled with a bit of locally seasoned introspection.

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Jeffrey Pipes Guice

Jeffrey Pipes Guice


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